Summertime: Work it out. pt.2


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Summertime: Work it out. pt.2


This week’s message is a continuation of last weeks message.  Pastor Dave is going to dig a little deeper into Philippians 2:13.  Learning to work out your salvation.

This weeks text is Philippians 2:13

Enjoy the message.



Summertime: Work it out. pt.1


It’s Summertime!  This week Pastor Dave Simerson speaks about having joy in the midst of difficult circumstances.

The text for this week’s message is Philippians 2:12-13

Enjoy the message.


Photo Booth: Friends



Pastor Dave Simerson continues with the Photo Booth series.  This week he turns his focus on the importance of Friends.  Your friendships will have a heavy bearing on your life.  Enjoy the message.



Hope There It Is pt.1

Pastor Dave Simerson starts off a new series about Hope.

Hope is believing that something good can come out of something bad.  

This week we look at Jesus’ relationship with Lazarus and how God used it to display his power over death.  You can read more about Jesus and Lazarus here: John 11: 1-45

Remember this:  Whatever happens, remember how powerful God is.

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Toxik pt.3

toxik-webSafe people forgive and are receive forgiveness.  Are you safe ?  Pastor Dave Simerson wraps up this message series by diving deeper into what role forgiveness plays into becoming and being a safe person.

Enjoy the message


Toxik pt.2

Toxik This week we will look at the tendencies of “Safe” people. Are you a “safe” person? Listen now and learn how to have safe relationships.

Enjoy the message.

Toxik pt1

toxik4.3_1A new message series about relationships.  This weeks message is entitled, Detoxifying our Relationships.  Listen now and learn how to have safe relationships.

Enjoy the message.

Pain pt. 4

Pastor Dave Simerson continues The Pain series with part 4 entitled,   In this message we look at the importance of community and how it influences our relationship with Jesus.

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