Toxik pt.3

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Toxik pt.3

toxik-webSafe people forgive and are receive forgiveness.  Are you safe ?  Pastor Dave Simerson wraps up this message series by diving deeper into what role forgiveness plays into becoming and being a safe person.

Enjoy the message


Pain pt. 4

Pastor Dave Simerson continues The Pain series with part 4 entitled,   In this message we look at the importance of community and how it influences our relationship with Jesus.

Pain pt.3

pain-messagePastor Dave Simerson continues The Pain series with part 3 entitled, Fasting.  In this message we look at the discipline of fasting.

Here is a great article to read if you’re looking for some more information about fasting.  God makes Special Promises to Those Who Fast: Why I love Fasting! by Peter Haas.

Enjoy the message

Pain Pt.2

pain-messagePastor Dave Simerson continues The Pain series with part two entitled, Solitude.  In this message we look at the less popular discipline of solitude.  Enjoy the message

Pain Pt.1

pain-messagePastor Dave Simerson starts the new year with a new series entitled, Pain.   This week we discuss the spiritual disciplines of prayer and importance of Bible reading.  Enjoy the message.


Advent Part 1

Christmas 2015


This month we look at the majors of Christmas:  Love, Joy, Peace and Hope!  Pastor Dave Simerson begins the Advent message series with Love.

John 3: 16,  “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Christmas is all about God’s love for us!

GOOD Part 7


GoodcardfrntfnlThe Gospel is good news pt. 7 Pastor Dave Simerson finishes up a series of messages, The Gospel is Good News.  Are there many ways to God or many ways to God?  Today we answer this question.






All In: Make a Dent in Eternity

Are you ALL IN?  Pastor Dave Simerson speaks about the importance of being ALL IN with our relationship with Jesus.  Enjoy the message and make a denk in eternity.

Bible Reference: Matthew 28:18Cornerstone Church

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