At the Movies

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At The Movies: Soul Surfer

by Aaron Broberg

Today we have another Cornerstone at the Movies message on “Soul Surfer”.  Come explore with us as we look into dealing with adversity and impossibilities in our lives.  You can download or print the message handout devotional by clicking here: Soul Surfer devotional handout. 

At the Movies: Blindside

by Aaron Broberg

This week we look at lessons learned from the movie “The Blind Side.”  We are to live like salt, adding flavor and value wherever we are.  If you would like to view or download the devotional handout click here: The Blindside: Devotions

At The Movies: UP

by Aaron Broberg

Pastor Dave share a message about dreams.  This week Pastor Dave uses illustrations from the movie Up.  Enjoy the message. 

At the Movies: Kicking & Screaming

by Aaron Broberg

This week at Cornerstone Church we look into how destructive it can be to live for the approval of others instead of living for the glory of God.  This is the first of the new messages series entitled, At the Movies. The feature movie this week is Kicking and Screaming.  Join us on the journey!
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