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And So It Begins pt. 12

This is it!  Pastor Dave wraps up the latest message seriers here at Cornerstone Church.  In the past twelve weeks we have been digging into the book of Acts and learning about how the New Testament church began.

This week Dave continues to talk about spirit filled living and focuses his message today on:  Act 16  Worshiping God.

And So It Begins pt.11

Part 11 of our current messages series, “And So It Begins”.  This week Pastor Dave looks at Acts chapter 15, which was a very pivotal time for the New Testament Church.  A time where they learn about how to grow in their relationship with God thru grace instead of the law.

And So It Begins pt.7

Pastor Dave dives into Acts chapter three this week.  Lets see how the newly developing church begins to apply expectant faith and produce the fruit of the Spirit.

And So It Begins pt.6

Pastor Dave is continuing with Living with God’s Power.  This weeks message will focus on how the Holy Spirit brings us power to live as witnesses.  To overcome sin and live a life like Jesus.

And So It Begins: pt.5

Part Five of And So It Begins is all about living with God’s power! If you want to understand how to live a life with God’s power then this message is for you.

And So It Begins: pt.1

Pastor Dave Simerson begins a new series  called, ” And So It Begin”.  In this series we will take a closer look into the life principles we can learn from the beginning of the Church.  This week Pastor Dave is speaking from Act 2:42.

And So It Begins pt.2

Pastor Dave Simerson continues with part two of “And So It Begins” , our current message series here at Cornerstone Church.

You can listen to this message online or download it directly to your computer by using the embed audio player.

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