Mexico 2013 Stories: Doug McGaffey


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Mexico 2013 Stories: Doug McGaffey


My Missions Moment

This is my third trip to Mexico but my first as a team leader. It was amazing to see a group of eighteen people come together as one as if God hand picked each of us for this trip…and I know He did. I saw strangers come together and work together as if they had done this before. Wow! What a blessing. 


My Life Changed


I was searching for wisdom as to either moving and going hands on working full time at the orphanage or continuing to bring groups down. God brought three different people to me while in Mexico that confirmed to me that I need to continue to bring groups down. Gods hands will be many with different groups. I only have two hands.


My Relationship Now


It’s easier to put Jesus first and I have found myself being able to talk more freely.







Mexico 2013 Stories: Ann Maxfield

My Missions Moment

Ann Maxfield

It was a small moment, a quiet moment.  Standing in the driveway in front of our Mexican dormitory, Marlo bowed his head and prayed with us, the mission, our group and for the children.  He was unpretentious and sincere. This moment, built upon the prayers we said during the meeting, around the  fire ring, and on the mountain, came into my heart and helped me to understand how to pray, when to pray, and where to pray.  It helped me understand that it does not matter, just pray!


My Life Changed

Ann Maxfield-1

Now I ask for an say prayers in places, with people, for people, and because of people where I never have before.  Praying sure beats gossiping.


My Relationship Now

Ann Maxfield-2

No, with praying more, I am focused to follow through when I tell someone I will pray for them.  On Sunday, before heading off to church, I said prayers for several people that had requested prayers.  But I know I forgot someone and I could not remember who was forgotten.  I prayed, “God, I forgot someone, who did I forget?”  I  got into the truck, turned on a the radio. and realized it was a church service out of Owatonna.  Prayers were being said and named.  They named Cindy my grieving sister who had a friend pass away recently.  Yes, that was who I forgot to pray for.  Talk about having your prayers answered immediately.  I knew that my prayers are important and necessary.  


Mexico 2013 Stories: Janet Huffman

Fusion Family Feed a Family

This Thanksgiving go beyond yourself and reach out to a family in need.  Fusion Family Ministries is partnering with Piggy Blues to feed over 20 families this Thanksgiving.  If you or your family would like to be involved in this mission, there are three different ways that you can help.

    • Financially – We need families who are willing  to purchase a meal.  $40 will buy  a meal for a family of eight.
    • Physically – We need families to help pack and deliver the meals.
    • Suggestions – We need to know who is in need this Thanksgiving.

If you would like to be contacted about how you and your family can be involved with Fusion Families: Feed a Family please email us here.  Or contact us at the church office at 507-433-7008.

Disaster Relief to Japan

japan disaster

Chris & Kelly Dudley are one of the missionaries we support on a monthly basis at  Cornerstone Church.  They work with Convoy of Hope, a faith baseddisaster response organization.Dudleys Our missionaries keep us up to date via newsletters, emails and often will speak during a sunday morning worship service. We’ve recently received an update about how Convoy of Hope is responding to the disaster in Japan.  Chris Dudley writes,

I am making final preparations to leave for Japan tomorrow morning. We have all been gripped by the images of the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disasters as we are sure you have also.

CoH Mission

The reason we are writing you is to ask you to pray for our response team. We have been extremely diligent in gathering information regarding radiation and we feel that now is the time. Since the devastating earthquake happened Convoy of Hope has been monitoring the situation and working hard to help the survivors. The first team that was sent was diverted to the Philippines because of the radiation where they worked tirelessly to procure product to send to our partners in Japan. We will be traveling with a doctor who partners with Convoy of Hope as a consultant and we are ready to work hard with our Japanese partners to make a difference.

CoH core valuesOur team is ready and none of us are apprehensive about the trip. That being said, please pray that our families back home will have peace about us being there. It is a situation which can be unsettling simply because of the mystery factor involved. Radiation is something you can’t see, taste, smell or feel, but we are going in very well equipped and under medical supervision.

Psalm 91:2 – I will say of the lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”

We trust that God will be with us and we thank you for your prayers. I would like to say a special thank you to Pastors Larry & Deanna Shrodes for their willingness to adjust their schedule for me to be able to go to Japan.

Thank you again for your partnership and prayer.

Be Blessed!
Chris, Kelly, Iliana & Silas

If you are interested in partnering with Convoy of Hope with their work in Japan contact the church office or email at

Women’s Missions Brunch


The Dahlagers have served in Costa Rica since 2000 with a calling to raise up the next generation of God’s servants.  Their main focus includes,

Pastor Kids – Ministry to Pastor Kids and their families in Costa Rica, cuba and beyond.

Youth Ministry – Training and mobilizing youth ministers across Latin America

Children Ministry – Jennifer helps lead The “One Million Children for Christ” projectTraining Ministers – Teaching in and coordinationg post-graduate and master’s level ministerial training networks for Latin America.

You can learn more about John and Jennifer Dahlager by visiting their WEBSITE.

You can also subcribe to their  NEWSLETTER HERE.

You can register for this event using our online giving page or CLICK HERE

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