30 Aug 2016

Origins pt.3

God rescues the Israelites from slavery in Egypt and confronts the evil and injustice of Pharaoh the king.

30 Aug 2016



This week in our Origins series will are covering  Exodus 1-18.  Each message will start with a short video from thebibleproject.com

This fully-animated video dives into the second book of the bible, Exodus, and picks up where Genesis left off. From Jacob to Moses, we see the journey of the Israelites as they leave their land, come to Egypt as guests, are fruitful and multiply, get enslaved again, are saved from the plague, embrace their freedom, escape from Egypt, wander in the wilderness, see bread fall from the sky, and still find time to complain that God’s not doing anything.

The Read Scripture Series is an overview of every book of the Bible. We diagram the book based off of its literary design and we draw attention to the main themes.
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